Start the War Poppy Collection with the 'For Heroes And Horses' Commemorative.

Begin your War Poppy Collection with this beautiful commemorative, featuring artwork by leading War Poppy Artist, Jacqueline Hurley. Luxuriously plated in 24-carat gold, the reverse depicts silhouettes of cavalry men on their horses with red poppies growing in the foreground, a poignant tribute to all those who lost their lives in WWI. The obverse features the official War Poppy Collection logo, brought to life with the addition of red colour on the poppies. 

Save £15 when you start your collection today - Usually £19.99

Specification: Diameter: 44mm  Depth: 3mm  Plating: 24-carat gold

Only £4.99 (+£2.50 p&p)

"Much bigger and better quality than I could have hoped for!"

"Thanks so much for bringing this out Koin Club, love it."