'Remember & Reflect'

Gold edition

In honour of our Armed Forces, the ‘Remember And Reflect’ gold-plated Commemorative edition commemorates the serviceman past and present. Who continue to serve and defend our freedoms and our nations. The ‘Remember And Reflect’ Gold-Plated Commemorative is the first collectable in this four-piece collector edition of 24-carat gold-plated commemoratives.


Featuring artwork by Remembrance Artist Jacqueline Hurley, the ‘Remember And Reflect’ Gold Edition is the perfect way to start your journey into The War Poppy Collection. This edition also comes with a FREE collector pack to showcase your War Poppy collection.

We are proud to have partnered with Combat Stress, the charity for veterans' mental health, meaning you will also be supporting their ongoing work by ordering today.

Specification: Diameter: 44mm  Depth: 3mm  Plating: 24-carat gold

Usually £19.99

Only £4.99 (+£2.50 p&p)

"Much bigger and better quality than I could have hoped for!"

"Thanks so much for bringing this out Koin Club, love it."