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The Ancient Egypt Coin Collection features 12 legal tender coins, each one featuring a famous aspect of the ancient civilisation - from Pharaohs and artefacts, to landmarks and gods. But what really sets these coins apart is their eye-catching and completely unique appearance.  In fact these coins are really a world’s first.

Plated in black nickel, with a stunning matte finish against backdrop of mirrored hieroglyphics, each of the coin’s main feature is selectively plated in 24-carat gold, a perfect celebration of the Egyptians love of the luxurious precious metal.  They really are quite special to see.

You can start collecting today with first coin in this prestigious series, featuring perhaps the most famous Pharaoh of them all, Tutankhamun and claim a HALF PRICE SAVING.  Not only this, you will also receive a Collector Pack to store your collection.

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